Samarkandfolk Records and Music - Flemming Behrend. Danish Troubadour, songwriter and performer.

Jule Fest at Scandinavian Heritage Museum 2011JUle Fest 2011Visit to Denmark 2011Hosting Open Mic at Borders 2011
Doing a radio show in Seattleplaying at Jule Fest 2010Playing a concert for the Danish Cultural Conference in Menucha OR 2011Playing at Viking Days in Seattle 2011
Playing for the Danish Painter Ruth Berg in Denmark 2011Playing in Fjerritslev for Ruth Berg 2011Yule Fest 2011From my studio
Doing my Lady Gaga for Danish TelevisionPlaying in Vancouver BC 2010 : In california 2005From Strib Folk festival 2012
Song writers forum Strib Denmark 2012Recording: Just like a light houseDanish Troubadour 1968Recording in my studio
Performing my songs at Strin Folk Music Festival in Denmark 2012Performing at the Scandinavia Heritage museum in Seattle WA. 2012Danish TroubadourNew CD: Livets Karrusel
Playing at Cascadia Bar and Grill in OlympiaCopenhagen 2012
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